Portfolio Companies


Retail/F&B Software Solutions

Blynk offers a whole suite of end-to-end software solutions to merchants in retail and F&B by integrating m-commerce with POS and CRM systems. Their analytics and programmatic marketing tools help merchants increase sales significantly.

In The News
“Closer to you: The Appeal of location based mobile services” - The Star, Nov 24, 2014
“A mobile solution for retail SMEs in sight” - The Star, Jan 16, 2014

MindWave Solutions

Big Data, Analytics and Cloud

A leading company specializing in IT solutions and analytics, MindWave bridges the boundaries between data, devices and demographics by driving disruptive innovation to help enterprises enrich human experience and enhance business value.

In The News
"Leading lights in business arena" - The Straits Times, Sep 24, 2014
"Nomura acquires stake in S'pore IT firm" - The Straits Times, Jan 2, 2013


TrioTech Solutions

M-commerce & Mobile Solutions

Founded in 2009, TrioTech Solutions is a leading company in the area of mobile commerce service delivery and software solutions. They have a strong presence in the India market, with their flagship mobile remittance app soon to be present in 40,000 post offices from the current 15,000. Triotech will also be working with Amdocs (NASDAQ: DOX) and the State Bank of India to deliver mobile financial services to the masses.

In The News
"S'pore VC Firm Invests US$3m in India startup" - Business Times, December 24, 2014
"Triotech raises $3 million from Singapore VC firm BlueHill" - The Economic Times, December 19, 2014

TRUUUE company logo


Real Estate Platform

TRUUUE is a real estate platform aiming to be the leader in instilling fairness, trust and transparency across the property market. This is done by first enhancing the browsing experience of users through its integrated 3D visualisation technology, quality generated floor plans and auto-generated property reports. All ‘Truuue’ listings are 100% verified by their operations team so that buyers and agents do not have to, making it the first virtual real estate listing platform of this calibre. Their mission is to provide users with an industry leading user experience, both on desktop and mobile.


Juvo Labs

Sleep Monitor

"Because the perfect day starts the night before"

Juvo uses a revolutionary, fiber-optic based technology to monitor sleep cycles. A patented sensor mat slips under any mattress, making it completely unobtrusive and safe for everyone. You can now sleep without fidgeting with your phone, syncing, or charging any other devices. 

Blue Stream Consultancy 

Smart Cities Recruitment Firm

Blue Stream Consultancy provides human capital management advisory services to businesses within the Smart Cities ecosystem. Blue Stream delivers bespoke recruitment solutions for their partners, so that they can part-take in the growth of Asia’s smart ecosystem.


Raijin Shipbrokers logo

Raijin Shipbrokers

Shipbroking Firm

Based out of Singapore, Raijin Shipbrokers specialises in the shipbrokerage of chemicals worldwide, with particular focus on Asian markets.