Invest, Advise & Grow

BlueHill Asset Management’s funds are managed by an esteemed team of partners, advisors and specialists, bringing together a wealth of knowledge in corporate finance, strategy consulting, business development, legal advisory and access to global business networks. By pooling our shared expertise and resources, we work together with our portfolio companies to improve products, workflows and optimize strategies. The collaboration between BlueHill and our portfolio companies creates positive synergy that helps to maximise their potential and scale their businesses.

Investment Criteria

Our fund targets promising companies predominantly in the tech sector within Asia. Companies that especially interest us fall within the industries of big data, cloud, analytics, mobility and fintech. The rise of disruptive technologies in these industries has changed the way companies conduct business and the way consumers behave – and will continue to do so in the coming years. Investments in this space continue to be lucrative, supported by a robust local investor community and matched by an equally strong accelerator community helping to lead tech startups to success.

We identify companies with underlying competitive advantages, such as operational excellence, robust management teams and superior product characteristics. We typically invest S$500,000 to S$1.5 million in post-seed rounds, and also lead, co-lead, or partner with other venture funds, angels and other institutions. 

Investment Approach

BlueHill identifies and evaluates interesting opportunities in the tech sector, and conducts stringent due diligence by considering the financial, marketing, operational and technical aspects of potential investments. Probabilities of risk and return are carefully weighed before making strategic investments at competitive valuations.


BlueHill is supportive of the start-up ecosystem and is actively involved in local and regional competitions and conferences as judges, mentors and advisors. Our involvement in these programs reaches out to budding entrepreneurs, establishing rapport and helping them to refine their business ideas.