Venture Capital

Private Equity

BlueHill Asset Management seeks to build a diversified portfolio in promising companies and actively participate in the growth of our investees. We are uniquely positioned to analyse companies and their respective markets, and to develop proprietary investment opportunities. With the right coaching and guidance, we believe that young companies can become successful and transformational businesses.

We are committed and passionate about bringing true value to benefit companies under our charge. As such, we are always looking to partner and collaborate with other venture funds, angel investors or institutions with complementary investment profiles. 

BlueHill Asset Management sources and structures unique investment opportunities with institutional and corporate partners to provide stable returns for our investors. We source deals from a wide group of asset owners, consultants and brokers. Strong in both operational and financial expertise, we are focused on structuring secure asset backed investment opportunities for institutional and high net worth clients.  

Whether you are a startup, VC or institutional investor, we welcome you to contact us to speak further about funding opportunities, potential partnerships and collaborations. Email us at or write to us using our enquiry form.