Vicknesh R Pillay

Founder and Managing Director of Bluehill Asset Management, Vicknesh R Pillay is an award winning entrepreneur. At age 31, he was nominated for the “Entrepreneur of the Year” award at the coveted Ernst and Young Entrepreneur Awards 2013.

Over his career, Vicknesh earned several accolades. After being nominated for his first award, S ICCI-DBS – “Most Promising Entrepreneur 2011”, he notched up numerous awards such as the “Best Foreign Enterprise” award at SME1 Asia 2012, “Most Promising Entrepreneur” award at Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Award 2012, “Top Luminary” at Promising SME500 2013 and the “Midas Touch Asia 2013-Platinum Award” presented by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak.

Overseeing Bluehill Asset Management, Vicknesh had advised and raised equity for projects worth over €300 million and is now spearheading the firm’s venture capital investments, focusing on startups in the early growth and Series A stages.

Prior to Bluehill Asset Management, Vicknesh founded and exited 2 finance related start-ups where he specialized in product structuring and business development contributed to a combined revenue of approximately S$47mil over a period of 4 years between the 2 start-ups.

Vicknesh also currently serves as a Board of Director at several companies such as Triotech Solutions and Blynk Pte Ltd where Vicknesh advises and assists on their internal strategies and regional expansion plans.

Graduating with a double degree from Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and currently pursuing dual MBAs from UCLA Anderson and the National University of Singapore, Vicknesh is passionately involved in Singapore’s start-up ecosystem. He is an appointed judge and mentor for numerous entrepreneurship workshops, conferences and startup competitions, contributing to the cultivation of aspiring entrepreneurs and startups.

 Vicknesh R Pillay
  Managing Director


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