About Us

BlueHill Asset Management is a boutique venture capital firm that invests in fast-growing tech companies in Asia. We also capitalize on our wide networks to provide bespoke sourcing services for private equity investments.

Leveraging on our expertise and relationships, we partner and invest with a number of institutional investors, private equity and venture capital firms as well as high net worth individuals to create sustainable returns. We also assist institutional investors and large enterprises in structuring and managing a focused venture capital arm. Together, we help to define an investment mandate, customize deal flow and formulate strategies in line with their preferences and objectives.

Our Focus

Venture Capital

BlueHill invests primarily in revenue-generating businesses looking for funding to further their growth. We value companies with their own unique selling propositions that display strong scalability. Adopting a disciplined investment strategy, we invest only in companies which fall within our domains of expertise.

Following a thorough analysis of their market environment and product offerings, we work closely with portfolio companies to streamline their businesses. We support bold, passionate entrepreneurs to create value and build great companies. 

Private Equity

BlueHill Asset Management provides private equity funding to established companies across strategic markets, notably in the real estate sector. We partner with leading corporate management teams and institutional investors to deliver and finance attractive investment opportunities.

Our Philosophy

Trust, Loyalty and Innovation

The company is founded on the key attributes of Trust, Loyalty and Innovation. 

We look to build the Trust of our partners and clients through integrity and delivering on our promises.
We understand and appreciate the value of existing relationships and the importance of Loyalty in building long term benefits for all parties concerned. We look to both create wealth and to preserve capital once it has been built.

To compete in a fast-growing global market, the company needs to be adaptable and at the forefront of Innovation, not only in structuring known products but also in realising the potential opportunities in untapped markets.